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Celebrating Independence Day with Senior Loved Ones

The 4th of July marks the high point of summer. For many, it’s a nostalgic time that brings back childhood memories of town parades, backyard barbecues, and fireworks displays—both amateur and professional.

For seniors who are living in assisted living, many reminders of their childhoods are no longer available to them: family memorabilia may be left behind, family members may be distant, childhood friends gone. But you can help recreate a bit of that summer fun with short excursions or a quick visit.

If your loved one is able to travel short distances, consider an afternoon away from home:

Go to a parade

Nothing stirs patriotism and nostalgia quite like a parade. Whether it’s a big to-do with marching bands and floats or a simple community effort with flags and kids on bicycles, an outdoor community event like a parade can be a great opportunity to spend some time outside.

Be sure to bring along comfortable chairs and consider a pop-up canopy to block the heat of the sun. With such popular participants as school marching bands, scout troops, and a local celebrity or two, a parade is a great way to channel the spirit of the 4th of July.

Plan a picnic

An Independence Day picnic is a great way to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. Just a simple meal with festive decorations is all you need. If you choose your backyard, a park or other public venue for your picnic, be sure there’s adequate seating, as getting

down on a blanket – and back up – can be challenging. No matter where you end up, good food and good company are key to an entertaining afternoon.

Visit a national park or historic museum

If time and distance allow, a trip to a national park, historical museum, or even a Veterans’ memorial can be a meaningful way to commemorate Independence Day. Even if a senior has mobility issues, chances are good that most parks and museums will have accommodations to help make their experience a positive one.

If it’s a good day for at-home activities, consider one or more of these:

Make patriotic-themed crafts

Independence Day is a perfect time to get creative with your older loved one and family. A quick trip to a local craft store or online resource will turn up multitudes of patriotic-themed crafts projects that everyone will enjoy: make banners or hats, placecards for a 4th of July meal, and even a wreath or wall hanging for seasonal decorating. You can find plenty of inspiration for possible projects online.


Of course, attending a fireworks show is one of the most popular activities to do with family and friends for July 4th, but timing and travel may not always allow for it. In addition, many senior Veterans who have endured combat, as well as those living with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, may be frightened by loud noises.

As an alternative, consider a TV broadcast of fireworks displays from across the country as an alternative. Spectacular shows combined with patriotic music are traditionally broadcast from D.C., New York City, and other cities across the country.

Celebrate with The Legacy

At The Legacy Assisted Living, we encourage all our residents to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other events with activities of all sorts. We have a rotating calendar of seasonal activities, such as making wreaths to decorate individual doors, and creating Halloween decorations and Easter eggs. Of course, art is just one activity we offer to encourage our residents to socialize, stretch their creativity, and enjoy their time with us.

If you or a loved one are concerned about your ability to live independently, consider The Legacy Assisted Living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Free from the stress of maintaining a home, residents can enjoy new friends, new experiences, and new days at The Legacy Assisted Living.

Our goal is to provide a holistic, caring family environment while ensuring safety, security, and peace of mind while nurturing independence and well-being. The Legacy Assisted Living has caring staff available 24 hours a day, with a goal of personal freedom while remaining safe and active in a supportive home atmosphere.

The Legacy Assisted Living is locally owned and operated with elite medical partners both onsite and off campus. Our vision is a small community environment focused on caring, family values, and supporting individual’s independence and well-being. To learn more, schedule a tour today by clicking here



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