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The Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Seniors

Remember when crayons, scissors, and glue were a big part of your day? When painting and creating things were everyday activities? As we age, many of us have moved away from artistic efforts in favor of more serious pursuits, but the fact is, arts and crafts are good for your brain and the aging process in general.

Creative activities are particularly beneficial for older adults who want to retain or improve skills like manual dexterity, cognitive function, and good mental health. As our brains age, creative abilities remain constant, so artistic efforts can still be fun. And fortunately for those of us lacking in creative abilities, artistic talent has no impact on the benefits of arts and crafts activities.

Craft activities can be as simple as a fun coloring book and crayons or as complex as working on a model train project. The primary goal is to keep busy, stay active, and engage in a community. Here are just a few of the direct benefits of participating in artistic endeavors:

Maintain Hand-Eye Coordination

While sports like tennis or basketball can be excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, few seniors feel safe engaging in these activities often enough to see noticeable improvement. However, arts and crafts activities are an excellent option for seniors looking to increase manual dexterity without undue physical effort.

Tasks such as cutting with scissors, drawing figures, and gluing project pieces together all require focus, which can improve dexterity and cognitive abilities. Larger projects like large-scale paintings or posters can also help with coordination, along with fine motor skills.

Improved Mental Health

Approximately 15% of older adults have a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety. Arts therapy may benefit seniors by stimulating their senses with shapes and colors, as well as creating time to relax, practice problem-solving skills, and build social connections. Plus, participating in group art activities are just plain fun.

Building New Relationships

Positive social relationships are important as we age, and living in an independent living community like The Legacy offers many opportunities to socialize and build meaningful relationships. Working on seasonal crafts and decorations gives residents the chance to share family traditions and memories while they create, providing a fun and engaging way to engage cognitive and memory skills as well.

Achieve a Sense of Personal Growth

Making something beautiful – or mastering a new skill or craft – provides a sense of pride and personal growth. And that feeling contributes greatly to the idea of successful aging. Creative activities encourage seniors to seek out opportunities to try new things, attempt to master new skills, and continue to look forward to coming events and activities.

We are The Legacy

At The Legacy Assisted Living, we encourage all our residents to participate in regular arts and crafts opportunities. We have a rotating calendar of seasonal activities, such as making wreaths to decorate individual doors, creating Halloween decorations and masks, and much more. October also featured opportunities to create autumn decorations for the common areas and banners to recognize Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Of course, art is just one activity we offer to encourage our residents to socialize, stretch their creativity, and enjoy their time with us.

If you or a loved one are concerned about your ability to live independently, consider The Legacy Assisted Living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Free from the stress of maintaining a home, residents can enjoy new friends, new experiences, and new days at The Legacy Assisted Living.

Our goal is to provide a holistic, caring family environment while ensuring safety, security, and peace of mind while nurturing independence and well-being. The Legacy Assisted Living has caring staff available 24 hours a day, with a goal of personal freedom while remaining safe and active in a supportive home atmosphere. The Legacy Assisted Living is locally owned and operated with elite medical partners both onsite and off campus. Our vision is a small community environment focused on caring, family values, and supporting the individual’s independence and well-being. To learn more about what life is like at The Legacy, please click here today.



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